Looking for Big Bore Air Rifles?

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles proudly recommends Mr Hollowpoint ammo.
Here is a little bit of information about Mr Hollowpoint…
aka..Robert Vogel.
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“I bought my first big bore in 2005
Was sadly disappointed in ammo options and started casting in 2007.
Started my website in the fall of 2007 and never looked back. 
I was the first to develop hollowpoints exclusively for air rifles. 
I have hollowpoints from the tiny 177 all the way to the might 82 cal.
My goal has always been to find the fastest way to dispatch a animal with the air rifle. 
Everything bullet is hand cast and sized to your caliber needs. 
I personally hunt and harvest with my hollowpoints to help understand how they perform and how to make them better; and continue with each new caliber that comes out.” – Mr Hollowpoint

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